About Us

E-Cell is a holographic abbreviation adopted by the entrepreneurship club of IIT Mandi. It's an alumnus initiation and currently is the stewardship of a team of five inter-disciplinary students with the mentorship of Dr. Satvasheel Powar, churning their ideas to reach the various aspects of what lies in this "business" of reaching the society. And as the name celebrates our crazy love for subjects related to business and its disciplinaries we always strive to give a glimpse of the potions of business by conducting multifarious of events.

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How we got started

Thought of as national assets to be cultivated, motivated and remunerated to the greatest possible extent, Entrepreneurs are always in pursuit of seeking opportunities to change the way of living by their innovations. The movers and shakers of today's era, the freaks, the misfits, E-Cell IIT Mandi strives to build the much-needed entrepreneurial spirits among students.

Hence it goes without saying:
“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

Meet the team



Param Kashyap

Go Getter

Loves to slug it and make it large. He likes interacting to people and wanna try out everything before he dies! An ardent quizzer and sports blogger.


Hritik Gupta


An inquisitive self who possesses a penchant to create things that make a difference. When not upto his elbows on his laptop, he love taking walks, listening to some Pop and meeting new people.


Navneet Sharma

Master Manipulator

A business enthusiast and a budding photographer whose skills as a manipulator come handy. A great fanatic of finance and management which fits him right into the sphere.


Nikhil Gupta


Jack of all trades, a passionate dancer who loves exploring mountain biking. He is nuts about hiking and trekking, being an adventure enthusiast.


Shivam Chaudhary


Not all schools have four walls, this world is a book and he's just a mere reader. An amazing photographer who's life meanders around designing and living each moment to its fullest.

Our Advisors


Dr. Satvasheel Powar

Faculty Advisor

An Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering. He is an enthusiastic Renewable Energy Engineer and has worked in several renewable energy start-ups in Switzerland, UK, and Singapore, who shares the same passion and zeal to build entrepreneurial spirits.


Subhamoy Sen


An Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering, a DAAD fellow and a recipient of Governer Gold Medal, West Bengal; has several journals and publications under his name. His research interests include Stochastic System Identification, Digital Signal Processing etc.


Dr. Bhavender Paul

Senior Advisor

Dr. Paul is founder and head of an entrepreneurial venture in California, USA. He has mentored/mentoring half a dozen of entrepreneurial ideas or ventures by IIT Mandi students. His Areas of Specialization include Management Strategy, Managerial Finance, Biotechnology etc..

Our Events

Our each event contemplates a lesson, a motif of how to concatenate your ideas with your imagination.

IPL Auction

A virtual bidding game to create your own Cricket Team from a pool of players. Team's bidding sense at test here.

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Business Quiz

A basic quiz to test your biz knowledge and awareness about entrepreneurial world. Its not what you think!

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Talk Session with speakers and entrepreneurs sharing their experience about the fields.

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Investor's Hat

The teams would be tested on the basis of their investments made on startups based on the returns they think the company would yield.

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Seamless Envisioning

E-Cell, IIT Mandi envisions to create a domain of individuals with a entrepreneurial drive by the providing a coup d'œil to the outside world.

Global Entrepreneurship

Spreading the sense and spirits of entrepreneurship among all.

Building Connections

Linking startups, entrepreneurs and experts to their aspiring counterparts.

Work Support

Facilitating internships in startups for students.

Motivating Startups

Inspiring students to take up entrepreneurship and develop startup culture.

Conducting Sessions/Workshops

Talks and speaking sessions with affluent and inspirational entrepreneurs, pitching events etc.


Several entrepreneurial games and events to put your skills to test.

Let us Connect

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line. We'll get back to you as soon as we can. That's a promise!

Write to us at edc@students.iitmandi.ac.in.
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